Mobile Intelligence strives to developed modular, standards compliant hardware solutions for today's mobile robot industry. JAUS/AS-4 compliance, means that many of our products can be applied individually to existing platforms, combine with eachother, or built to meet the needs of your custom or JAUS/AS-4 compliant platform.

The Owl:
The Owl is MIC's stereo vision/autonomy hardware package. It adds vision based obstacle avoidance and coordinated autonomy to any JAUS/AS-4 compliant platform by receiving JAUS global waypoint commands via 802.11 and outputting JAUS wrench commands.

The SmartBadger:
The Badger is MIC's rugged man-transportable platform. This rear-wheel drive front-wheel steer platform weighs 140lbs, reaches speeds up to 3m/s (6.7mph), can climb a 60 degree incline and easily pushes through heavy underbrush. The badger is available as an open ended platform for users who wish to add their own controller, or combined with MIC's Owl and/or TrakkR harware components to incorporate obstacle avoidance, autonomy and target tracking/geo-location.

The SmartTrakk:
The SmartTrakk is a demonstration of how well MIC's modular technology builds onto other robot platforms. The SmartTrakk is built on the ATR SuperDroid platform and integrates MIC's Owl and Trakkr products adding global localization, stereo-bsed obstacle avoidance, route planning, target tracking/geo-location, JAUS/AS-4 compliance and full or collaborated autonomy to a relatively simple mobile base.

The TrakkR:
The TrakkR is another modular product from MIC that adds a JAUS/AS-4 compliant Pan-Tilt-Zoom Unit with full target tracking and target geo-locating features to any JAUS/AS-4 compliant platform. the Trakkr utilizes a FCB series 40x Zoom Sony Block camera, an agile 300deg/s Pan-Tilt Unit, and a single point laser range finder in a bolt on package that interfaces using only a 24 Volt supply input and a standard ethernet port for JAUS/AS-4 communications.

Multi-Platform Controller:
The MIC Multi-Platform Controller (MPC) provides control and monitoring of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs). Multiple UAV/UGV platforms can be controlled from asingle MPC unit. The MPC provides detailed, real-time, situational awareness, allows modifying the operational characteristics of the system, and supports overriding decisions. The MPC is fully functional in desktop, rugged laptop, and man wearable configurations.

MIC Robo Tool Kit:
The MIC Robo Kit is a developer's Tactical Operations Software Tool Kit for Unmanned Systems that provides the capability to rapidly and at low cost integrate MIC Owl configured robotic platforms into US Army and NATO Battle Command architectures.