Company Overview

Mobile Intelligence is located in Livonia, Michigan. The company was founded in 1993 by Dr. MacKenzie to conduct research and development in advanced intelligent systems. Mobile Intelligence's expertise is focused on autonomous robotics, multi-robot mission specification, tasking, and sitational awareness, artificial intelligence, case-based reasoning, and software agent architectures. The company has significant experience in development of object-oriented software in Java and C++ for a broad range of applications including GUIs, control systems, and distributed architectures.

Mobile Intelligence currently has a key role in two high-profile, state-of-the-art DARPA initiatives exploring the use of software agent technology for military applications. The Ultra*Log project focuses on developing a scalable, survivable software agent architecture for hostile war-time environments. Mobile Intelligence's role includes developing capabilities for monitoring and configuring societies of software agents, and developing reusable case-based reasoning modules.

Mobile Intelligence is also serving as a subcontractor to the Georgia Institute of Technology for the Mobile Autonomous Robotics Software (MARS) project. This project is pushing the boundaries of controlling teams of heterogenious robots. Mobile Intelligence's responsbilities include integrating three groups of robots, and porting robot behaviors to the other architectures. The result is an integrated user interface and mission specification capability that uses all available robot assets to complete complex multi-robot missions.

The company has a strong technical management team spearheaded by Dr. Douglas C. MacKenzie, the president and founder and supported by Mr. Ronald D. Snyder, a senior-level developer/manager with more than 20 years of experience in the defense industry. As a small business, Mobile Intelligence has the advantage of hands-on management, ensuring that technical efforts are focused on achieving project goals.

Mobile Intelligence provides consulting and development services in several high-tech areas, including design and/or implementation of:
  • control software for robotic systems
  • distributed object architectures
  • software agent architectures
  • case-based reasoning systems
Mobile Intelligence utilizes a development process based on many of the software industry's best practices. Our process framework is designed for economy of scale and high customer value through the application of a common framework, extensive automation, and common architecture patterns and components. As a result our software artifacts are configurable for a broad spectrum of applications.

Company News

New SmartTrakk Videos Posted

MIC has posted new videos of the SmartTrakk platform avoiding obstacles using stereo-vision and surveilling stationary obstacles using MICs MultiPlatform Controller combined with the MIC TrakkR. Click here to check them out!
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