miCBR is available to you under one of the following terms: The complete license agreement is available at http://www.mobile-intelligence.com/license.html. A brief summary is provided on this page for your convience only - you must consult the complete license agreement for the specific details. 1. Free Under GPL The miCBR software is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) and you can use the miCBR software for free under the GPL: If you link a program with code from the miCBR software and release the resulting product under GPL or a substantially similar Open Source licensing agreement. If you distribute the miCBR source code bundled with other programs that are not linked to or dependent on the miCBR software for their functionality even if you sell the distribution commercially. If you use the miCBR software internally in your company or organization for research or education. 2. Commercial License You need a commercial miCBR license when: You link a program with code from the miCBR software and don't want the resulting product to be GPL, maybe because you want to build a commercial product or keep the added non-GPL code closed source for other reasons. When purchasing commercial licenses, you are not using the miCBR software under GPL even though it's the same code. You embed the miCBR software within a physical device (embedded software) and sell or license the physical device to others. You distribute a non-GPL application that ONLY works with the miCBR software and ship it with the miCBR software. This type of solution is actually considered to be linking even if it's done over a network. You distribute copies of the miCBR software without providing the source code as required under the GPL license. If you require a commericial license, you will need one for each installation of the miCBR software. To purchase commercial licenses and support, please contact our sales staff at sales@mobile-intelligence.com.


Downloading miCBR Full miCBR source miCBR Version 1.4.1

Third party libraries used by miCBR OtherJars for miCBR Version 1.4.1

Source for the MissionLab adaptation operators as an example usage Example MissionLab usage for miCBR Version 1.4.1

Installing miCBR to support MissionLab The alljars file mentioned in the MissionLab file README.MissionExpert is available here alljars_miCBR_1_3_3.zip for the MissionLab 5.0 Release.

Company News

New SmartTrakk Videos Posted

MIC has posted new videos of the SmartTrakk platform avoiding obstacles using stereo-vision and surveilling stationary obstacles using MICs MultiPlatform Controller combined with the MIC TrakkR. Click here to check them out!
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